April 15, 2009


One of my favorite up&&coming designers are
Laura Marie && Ashley

These "p*ssy empowered" ladies have collections that emobdy everything that I've ever wanted in clothing, creating one-of-a-kind statement-making pieces that turn heads. Although the name has been heard often throughout mainstream hip-hop tunes {making women out to be sources of objectivity && ridicule based on their appearances}, Dime Piece uniquely defies these standards by making garments stitched with feminism, independence, self-love && confidence.

I was ecstatic upon my recent visit to their website when finding that my long-anticipated wishes of viewing their Summer 2009 "Plastic City" collection was up && running! Ironically inspired by the hot pink convertible-driving, Dream House-having Barbie. With a shaved head twist, Barbie is made fierce and fearless this summer.

I am definitely looking forward to my closet being "dipped in sauce" for this upcoming summer. ;)
**Now available @ karmaloop.com, moxie.com && Djpremium.com**

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