April 16, 2009


Today was pretty boring if I must say::
a.m. :: -woke up earrrrrly this morning to book it to my Spanish class
-headed 2 the bookstore to buy some scantrons for my 1st Bio. midterm
-ACED the Bio. midterm! ;) [I think]
-talked on the phone w/ mi madre about some business cards she ordered for me for FREE! {w/ the wrong e-mail address on them! lol}
p.m. :: -spent the rest of the afternoon e-mailing, reading Harper's Bazaar, && surfin' the web
as of now :: -I'm starting to feel my leg go numb since my BF Kevin's head is weighing heavy on it!
ugh, I wish he'd wake up lol
-ECSTATIC that I was finally able to buy a usb cord for my camera!!! wooohooo! Now I can upload my flix!

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