April 16, 2009

Hey Sistah Go Sista

Before Christina, Pink, Mya & Lil' Kim did their own bourlesque collabo of "Lady Marmalade," it was the ladies of LaBelle who were the originators. These soul sistahs not only had phenomenal voices, but an eclectic sense of style to match. Patti's lamé-piped fit was my favorite, along with Nona's metallic-studded body suit and headress, && Sarah's futuristic shield-like bra & feathered skirt.
{Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?} have been words that I've known since a kid.lol. Not necessarily because I was a fluent Frenchie, but because I would hear the song && would sing all of the words, not knowing what the heck I was talking about [as most kids do].....No wonder why people would look at me crazy! hahahaha
But despite those infamous lyrics [that for whatever odd reason popped into my head today], as far as I'm concerned these chicks can "gitchi gitchi" all they want! lol

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