January 4, 2011


My name is Kameron, and I'm a shopaholic. lol

I need to stop shopping.
I know a closet full of clothes/shoes/accessories is expected
 for most blogging fashionistas to have,
but unlike many of them,
I'm not down with being in debt because of my fashion obsessions.

A chill pill is definitely much needed when it comes to my spending.
And because of the fact that I don't have daddy's credit cards 
{or anyone else's money for that matter} to fall back on,
I have to be smart about this shopping biz.
Paying my rent, bills, and car insurance are amongst my many expenses....
oh, and food. lol
Homelessness is NOT an option, regardless of how chic of a bum I would be. lol
Plus, it's too friggin' cold!
And with me trying to go to London for grad school next fall,
I need to clench tight every penny I've got!

When {not if} I go to London, it's going to suck to have to ship all of my stuff!
So I need to do a whole lotta downsizing in the meantime.
As far as clothing goes, I'm dunzo.
But when it comes to shoes, I can't call it completely quits until I get my paws on
some Jeffrey Campbell kicks that I've been drooling over...{Lita's preferably.}
THEN I'll be done. lol

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