January 6, 2011


While I'm sure most people spent New Years Day sleeping in 
or recovering from the previous night's hangover, I was at Disneyland! lol
It's been about a year since I've last made my way to Mickey and Minnie's humble abode....
and before that, not since my high school grad night back in '07.
My sisters and I had park hopper passes, courtesy of my grandma's generous Christmas spirit.
And after tackling Disney's California Adventure {referenced as DCA by some visitors we ran into},
we spent the remainder of the day at Disneyland.
We rode as many rides as possible, watched the Christmas parade, 
& seen Captain EO {which I hadn't seen since I was a kid!} 
I did grow to become annoyed by all of the untamed kids 
that were running all over the place like headless chickens,
and have a newfound appreciation for kiddie leashes. lol
Though I'm confident I won't have to use them for my {future} kids, 
I think they are an excellent tool for everyone else's. hahah
But aside from the menacing tiny tots,
we had a blast. :)


Toy Story has to be one of the best rides in California Adventure. 
We waited in line for about an hour,
and this hilarious little girl made things more than entertaining:
she kept kicking my sister Taylor in her legs. hahaha

Perhaps I love this ride so much simply because of the fact that I whooped my sister in the end.
{For those of you who don't know, the ride experience is like an interactive game,
and you ride along with your space blaster gun, shooting the various targets and winning points.}


Off to Disneyland!!! :)


It's not everyday that you see rollerskating snowflakes. lol


I thought it was extremely lame that Belle, Cinderella, Arielle, Snow White and Aurora 
were the only princesses who were part of the Christmas parade.
No, not everything is about race, but C'MON DISNEY! lol
Where was Princess Jasmine and Princess Tiana??!!?
They could've threw in some African dancers, Simba, Mufasa, Timon & Pumba,
 and had Rafiki flipping around on the float and I would've been satisfied.....
but even that didn't happen. lol
The brownest people in the whole shabang were the reindeer and gingerbread men.....
give or take a few elves lol

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