January 10, 2011


Wearing Denim Levi's jacket, DIY vintage floral top, Black & white striped tank:: H&M, 
Maroon cargo pants:: Forever 21, Brown combat boots:: Forever 21

Things are looking quite promising for my online store! :)
After much consideration, I decided I'm probably going to go with Ebay as the selling platform...
but depending on my progress, I might switch to BigCartel.
We'll see...

This week is already ridiculous,
and it's only MONDAY!
As far as school goes, I have tons of reading to do...
a lot of which I'm already behind and it's only the second week of school.
For one of my classes on Ethnic Politics, my professor wants us to read one 
of the three books he's assigned for us by this Thursday.
I wouldn't have much of a problem with this if I didn't have four other classes to keep up with...
plus the fact that I have A LIFE! lol
But hey, I guess that's the beauty of a multi-tasker:
making it work.

Since we're on the subject of my college life,
I found it disgustingly hilarious that in my Religious Studies class today,
my professor farted.....
mid lecture. lmbo!
I tried soooooo hard not to laugh, 
and yet the majority of my other classmates continued to pay attention
nonchalantly, as if the woman didn't just let one loose!
The only person whose face seemed to share my disbelief 
was one of the students who had just added the class.
He happened to be sitting right next to my professor,
and contained himself while putting his head down. lol
I waited for her to at least say "Excuse me,"
or even lie and say it was her shoe or the whiteboard marker....
but she just continued rambling on like her gassy mishap was non-existent.
What a way to start off the week. lol

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