August 8, 2010


Sugar-infused toddlers, arcade mania & some darn good pizza.
Chuck E. Cheese was definitely one of my childhood hotspots.
But after not being there in years & taking the trip with the b.f. Kevin yesterday
to celebrate my cousin Cheydae's 3rd birthday,
I soon came to sympathize with the countless parents
who--alike my mom back in the day--were forced to let their kids run wild.
Now that I'm older, the idea of going bananas over a life-sized rat is out of the question,
but I guess the little ones don't seem to mind spazzing out over Chuck E. lol
It was like he was Michael Jackson the way they screamed and fell out over him!
But hey, we all have our moments. lol

Her first piece of bling. lol


After singing the infamous Happy Birthday song,
Cheydae tried her hardest to blow out her candle,
going cross-eyed just to put out the tiny flame. lol
And with a cut of the cake & midget hands full of tokens,
the kids were off to play their hearts out.
Between Kev & I,
trying to keep track of 4 girls under the age of 6 is quite a task,
so we had to indulge in the madness right along with them.
{Not that we minded shooting basketballs,
playing air hockey or blasting digital tarantulas to smithereens.}


I'll admit: going to Chuck E. Cheese was the best bit of random fun that I've had in a while.
I wish I would've played a game or two of skee ball,
but maybe I'll save that for next time.
Since my little cousins live in Victorville, it's a bit of a stretch to see them as often as I'd like,
yet the time I do get to spend with them is definitely worthwhile.

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