August 28, 2010


So I told you all that I'd need your support and now's the time to show it!!!!
As mentioned, I've started a project on Kickstarter.
It's an amazing site that lets creative people who are lacking financial capital behind their projects to share their ideas with others who pledge whatever they can to funding their goals!!
Because the cost of getting a collection together is faaaar beyond
anything my wallet has ever seen,
Kickstarter has now opened the door for me to make my designs come to life!

With that being said, I need all of YOUR help and support to make my VANITY Autumn/Winter 2010 collection "A Westside Story" come together!
I'm shooting to raise $5,000 so that my line can get kickstarted the right way! lol
And of course, if you pledge, you will receive AWESOME rewards!
Anything from a free graphic tee or tote bag to a free item from my collection!!!
I'm super excited for what winter and my crazed imagination have in store for you this upcoming season!
So be part of my designer debut!!!
PLEASE spread the word to anyone and everyone that you know!
I'm really trying to make this happen but I can't do it without YOU!!!
You all have been so supportive of me and my blog,
so I just ask that you take it to the next step and help me launch my very first collection!
I apologize for all of the exclamation points lol
but I'm just EXCITED!!! hahah
So visit the site, tell a friend, and pledge your little hearts out!

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