May 31, 2010


After embarking on a difficult journey to find an internship for this summer,
I recently had an interview with David Melgar of L.A.'s infamous brand,
After chit-chatting about his background working for Jeremy Scott
{one of THE most innovative designers around},
sharing my past fashion experiences,
and getting the deets on the expansion of the Joyrich brand,
I hope my resume & painfully obvious passion for learning lands me the position!
{Fingers crossed!}
Now, it's just a matter of waiting for the yay or the nay,
which is the most agonizing time period after an interview lol
So say a little prayer that this summer,
I'll be hitting the fashion scene in the City of Angels
with the ones who are calling the shots!!


Black fabric earrings:: Forever 21
Black pointed shoulder blazer:: Forever 21
Multi-color bead necklace:: H&M
Aqua acid wash dress:: H&M
Tribal printed skirt:: Forever 21
Sherbet orange heels:: H&M

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