May 23, 2010


She looks like how I feel:
On edge.
And more than willing to punch you in the face... just because.

Not that I'm usually in a bitchy mood,
but this last week has been BANANAS!!!,
which was my reason for my lack of posting.
With these next few weeks being the bitter end of the school year,
things have been all over the place for me!
I have tons of homework to do amongst 3 final projects
that are sitting on my desk collecting dust....
exams to prepare for.....
not to mention, the lease on my apartment is up at the end of next month!
Yesterday I went house hunting with a few friends of mine/future roommates
and after searching high and low throughout Riverside,
we came across 2 lovely abodes :)
I just came back from getting a tour of the inside and
I'm already coming up with color stories & ideas for my room!
I really have my heart set on one of the homes so I'm hoping that
I have somewhere to live! lol
Otherwise, it's back to my mom's house I go :/

My "to do" list gets even lengthier by the day,
but I know that the Superwoman in me is going to have to pull through.
If there's a will, there's definitely a way!!

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