October 29, 2009

yes hunnie yes

If you don't know by now, I'm not your average girl! lol
Blogging, designing, styling, working AND being in college full-time???
I do it all!
There's nothing that I love more than seeing YOUNG people {alike myself} who are on their grind to make their dreams become a reality.
Making a lasting impression on my generation is my ultimate goal,
&& I get sooooo excited when I see people in my age bracket who are trying to do the same.

With my clothing line in the works, I've came in contact with so many
YOUNG&&talented individuals!
From my modeling amiga Brandi
to my boys Tomi&&Brian Timothy of Major Hype,
film director Brandon Hammond {aka Big Mama's grandson from the movie, Soul Food lol},
fab photographer Eulogia "Penny," && my super good friend Semaje,
they all have a passion for what they do.
Even though they may have they're own individual goals, we can conquer the world together! lol

I swear, I have a radar for creativity! lol
&& a young lady that is overflowing with it is the uber-talented,
Teyana Taylor.

Her swagger {of course!} is what initially drew me to her.
Since her debut to the world on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16," I knew that this was someone that I HAVE TO work with. lol
Singing. Rapping. Modeling. Songwriting. && now acting and having her own lipgloss line:
this chick isn't slowing down for anyone!
I love it!!! lol
Just this morning, I happened to come across an interview between radio && t.v. personality Egypt Sherrod && Teyana.
In reading their convo, you automatically see how genuine and focused she is at the age of 18.
The ladies discussed Teyana's past && upcoming projects, including one that I'm anticipating:
the release of her lipgloss line, DopeLips!

Teyana is definitely setting an example for young people everywhere, and I can't wait to see what she pops up with next :)

Hopefully, {fingers crossed} I'll be having a photo shoot soon in order to complete the lookbook for my line's newest creations.
I tried thinking of chicks in the game that represent the image that I want to put out there with my designs:
funky fresh girls that are taking the world by storm in every way possible!
&& sure enough, Teyana is the first on my list to rep it! lol ;)
So hit me up T!!!! lol

{*Follow Teyana on Twitter!*}
I'll leave you with an exclusive peek at Ms. Taylor's newly released photos
from her DopeLips campaign!
Enjoy! :)

October 21, 2009


As I mentioned before,
The Stunners {the young/fresh&&new girl group} recently shot their music video for their upbeat song, "Dancing Around the Truth."
{Directed by Smallz & Raskind}
&& sure enough, I got to style the video!!!
I worked alongside Rebecca of Chic Little Devil Style House
to make the girls look fantabulous!!!
The shoot was an all-day endeavor, but we had a lot of fun on && off the set.
The girls' EP just released this week on iTunes,
so you HAVE TO take a listen && buy the tracks!!

The music video hasn't released just yet,
so until it does,
I'll leave you with some behind-the scenes footage! :)

***The Stunners also recently appeared on Extra!***
I wanted to watch it on t.v., but missed it :/
Yet since Youtube is the source for any && all things,
I was able to find the vid of the girls' appearance.
{Looking fab by the way in Chic Little Devil attire :) }


Goodness gracious,
where do I start!?! lol
I've been soooooooooooo BUSY with a gazillion things!
&& I'm still moving at at 1,000 miles a minute!
I've gotta fill you in on the deets!::

This past Friday, Chic Little Devil Style House {aka my internship} hosted an event
alongside Project Runway's Jerell Scott & Korto Momolu!!
Held in the penthouse of Fashion District's Cooper Building, it was the official after-party to L.A. Fashion Week!
The guestlist was overflowing with a craaazy amount of names,
celebs && even more fab folks.

I arrived early to help with the set up of things, and then once 8 o'clock hit,
I got the freedom to partay! lol
My friend Brittany came, along with my friend Dorothy from Dot Magazine
&& my boys Brian Timothy & Tomi of Major Hype Clothing.
Among the funky-fresh fashion crowd were many people who dressed to impress,
as well as those dressed to.......well,
I don't know what they were trying to do lol
Stephanie Pratt
and the lovely ladies from The Stunners
were all looking lovely.
I even spotted one of my favorite bloggers, Jazzi McGilbert.
I must admit, I was a bit blog-struck {?} lol && wanted to say hello,
but I could only catch a quick glimpse of her as she darted for the elevator.

Of course the highlight of the night was the FASHION!
Korto Momolu's collection was presented first,

&& Jerell's masterpieces came thereafter.

Both designers blew my mind with their collections!
Everyone couldn't help but ooh and aah as each model strutted her stuff.
I was definitely inspired :)

Saturday was my sister Taylor's homecoming dance.
I was so excited to see her all dolled up,
yet as soon as I got on the freeway
my tire blew out!!!
Lord knows that in 20 years of being on this earth,
I've barely touched let alone changed a tire! lol
I completely missed seeing my sister off before she left for the dance,
but my friends Cate && Tomi both came to the rescue!
Mmm..I guess in all actuality,
Cate didn't really rescue me since she didn't know how to change a tire either!
But I will give it to her, she did have the jack lol

After finally being able to make it home, I pulled an all-nighter,
sewing the chic-est blazer in my closet!
I planned on putting it in my fashion show that I have this Friday,
but we'll see.
Sewing non-stop like a maniac,
I decided that it would probably be smartest to go to bed once I read 6:30 on my alarm clock. {that's right: 6:30 a.m.! lol}
I hit the sheets for a few hours then woke up to it being Sunday.

I only slept for a few hours before it was time for me to wake up and
make my way to Fullerton for the filming of the
"Out of Order" film that I told you my line was going to be featured in!
My friend Corey from Planet Afreeka was there to dress the guys in the film while I used my clothes to dress the girls.
I had a lot of fun at the shoot, even though it was VERY long && full of
me waiting for someone to tell me they needed me.
In the meantime, I dug into some heavy conversations with the crew lol
I also met Eulogia {known by many as "Penny,"}
who is a PHENOMENAL 19 year old female photographer!
We talked for quite some time, && she told me how busy she's been with working at
L.A. Fashion Week!
We exchanged all of our contact info && have vowed
that we HAVE TO collab on a photo shoot ASAP!

That was a lot going on for such a short period of time lol
But hey, that's my life! lol
Hectic, busy, && full of surprises!!! :)

What's new on my agenda?
Sewing 10 new pieces for my collection by Friday!
I know the goal is pretty steep,
but I'm used to feeling like I'm in a pressure cooker! lol
Like Tim Gunn says, "Make it work." ;)


Vintage multi-colored fabric earrings:: thrifted {gottem' for $1 !!! :) }
White short sleeve tee:: snagged it from my little sister. I think it was originally mine lol
Acid wash leggings {I know, you thought they were jeans huh? lol}:: H&M
Clear jellies:: don't remember
Gold chained necklace:: Forever 21
Gold chained bracelet w/ Peace charm:: Juicy Coture


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