December 31, 2009

Ten Nine Eight

2009 is REALLY over! lol
I'm so grateful that I've been blessed with yet another amazing year.
I can't say that everyday was full of kicks 'n giggles lol,
but all in all,
I'm still standing even in spite of all of the rocky roads I've endured.

I would probably have to say the highlight of my year
{as well as the most drama-filled moment}
was when my brothers & I found out that we have an older sister
{Chrisandra} who is 23 years old!
After my dad had me & the rest of the world thinking that I was his only daughter,
come to find out, he was well aware of the fact that Chrisandra existed!
That story would have to be another completely different post if you all would like me to share all of the details lol
However, I love "Chrissy" to death, && she's the best thing that's ever happened 2 me! :')

I've been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of so many great opportunities!
Interning for Chic Little Devil Style House
{shoutouts to Michelle, Rebecca, Molly, Shaina, Grace, Kristen && everyone else! lol}
has opened my eyes to so many new things about fashion that I hadn't been exposed to before.
Working with my friends Starsky & Brian Timothy of Major Hype,
my photographer amiga on-the-rise Eulogia "Penny,"
Dorothy of Dot Magazine,
the uber-talented group The Stunners,
&& a host of others have been the icing on my 2009 cake!
As this year ends,
I walk away with plenty of lessons learned,
many connections made,
&& a slew of friends I've gained along with a handful that fell off.
&& to end the year on a FAB-U-LOUS note!::
I recently got promoted to being the new Visual Merchandising Assistant at my job, Forever 21! {I'm SURE you're not surprised that I work there! hahahahha}
AND....{drumroll please}...
I've been offered the AMAZING opportunity of interning with Teen Vogue in NYC this summer by Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley herself!!!!!!!!! :)
I'm praying that everything works out as planned,
so hopefully I'll be working in "The City" by late June! lol

&& of COURSE, I can't help but thank all of my Vanity Girl readers!!!
I deeply appreciate all of your support && hope that you all have a fun && safe new year!!!

2010 will be MY year to shine!
All of my designing goals will be made into a reality,
I'm comin' at ya!

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