December 24, 2009

Hello Lover

I'm SUPER excited for the summer to come already!
Beachside bbq's with friends are one thing,
but the release of the Sex & the City sequel is something that I'm looking forward to.
I've heard so many great things about the behind-the-scenes scoop for the film,
and I'm curious to see how Carrie, Miranda, Samantha & Charlotte
will outdo themselves this time.
With the first movie ending on a pretty good note,
it's odd to think that there won't be SOME kind of drama in part deux.
&& of course, I know that the fashion will be out of this world :)
I remember sitting in the theater on the opening night of SATC #1,
nearly drooling from having dropped my jaw when my
eyes witnessed the amazing work of stylist Patricia Field. lol
&& after taking a peek at the SATC2 trailer,
I know the glam will be much bigger && better! :)

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