December 14, 2009

Hittin Hard

Tanks. Helicopters. && lots 'n lots of Guns.
All of these and more were on the scene of the shoot of
yet another highly anticipated music vid from Rihanna.
The concept of "military couture" was the blueprint for
the toughie track "Hard," the third single to release from
her most recent Rated R album.
As controversial as she is, Rihanna is making her way back to my "dope" list.
My eyebrows were raised when she came out with "Russian Roulette,"
with an even more odd music video to match.
Buuuuuut after taking a look at some exclusive photos,
getting a preview of the final product
&& knowing that music vid director Melina Matsoukas
{who is guilty for being the eye behind the madness of my favorite vids from
Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Solange && Elektric Red},
I can HARDLY wait for the big debut this Thursday {November 17th}!!!
So until then,
☟☟☟☟I guess I'll have to bite the bullet & be satisfied with these...☟☟☟☟

P.S. I'm in L❤VE with the Micky ears && bullet bra!
hmmm....DIY???? I think so! :)

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