March 30, 2009

This economy SUCKS

So this past Friday, I went into work and my manager pulls me to the back room.
When she said that infamous phrase "We need to talk," I knew something was up.
It all happened pretty fast, but in a nutshell
she went over a letter w/ me from the corporate office of my job that stated that as of that Sunday, I will no longer be an active employee with the company.
I was sad at first when thinking of all of the complications this will cause for me,
yet relieved that I'll now have the chance to search for bigger && better opportunities!
So i guess this recession nonsense is bitter-sweet for me.
I knew that lay-offs existed && that retail stores were closing quicker than ever,
yet I NEVER thought any of that would happen to me.
But I guess never say never.
Now I'm on my grind to find a new job.
I'm trying not to be picky, but that's just my nature. lol
I don't want to work w/ food or have a job that's BOOOOORRiNG!
So I guess I'll stick with my guns && do retail {again}.
I'm searching hard && praying even harder that I can land a job that is worthwhile.
Wishmeluck! :)

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