March 13, 2009


s i g h

Today has been quite an eventful day::
-...woke up @ exactly 7:33 a.m. && sat upright {droopy-eyed && all} in my bed
until about 7:50 lol.....then had to get in my fierce speed walkin' mode to rush to my spanish class {my teacher is a maniac about tardies/absences}
-[L A T e R] ... had a little chit-chat with my peeps {Brittany/Cate/Ada}
-[much L A T E R]...i had to go to powderpuff practice where I was made fully aware
that I'm a "girly girl" who knows NOTHiNG about football lol
-[N O W] I just received an e-mail from a representative from Dim Mak for
an internship interview!!! Yay me!

Soooooo WHEN I GET this internship, I will be taking the utmost advantage of this opportunity. This moment has been long awaited, but now is my time to shine && get a fashionable foot-in-the-door ;)

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