November 12, 2010



Due to my recent case of unemployment, my freedom to shop is on a hiatus. A few weeks ago, I made a trip down to a local thrift shop in San Bernardino that lots of my friends were ranting & raving about, and came up on tons of great items! The store had shopping carts for Pete's sake! So that was a definite sign that I was going to pack it with as much as I could. Everything I purchased was no more than one to three bucks.....and I spent about $70 total. 


Tan knit beanie:: Forever 21, Mint lace top:: Forever 21, DIY button necklace, Vintage maroon knit scarf:: Thrifted, Vintage floral dress with pearl buttons:: Thrifted, Cream knee-highs:: Forever 21, Black combat boots:: Forever 21


Thanks to my vintage excavation, I'm all set for the winter. And though I still have a burning desire to snag tons of items from NastyGal, H&M, and Topshop, I'm forced to succumb to the twitches and shakes that come along with shopping withdrawls since I now have to simply work with all that I've already got. If anything, I guess I'm embracing this challenge because it allows my creativity to run wild in reinventing pieces that I already have lying around! lol

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