March 30, 2010


With my Spring Break officially coming to an end and school starting back this week,
I must admit, I'm sad that my break wasn't longer.
I've been sewing like a madwoman for the past week or so,
causing my break to be full of nothing but pin cushions and piles of fabric while my college peeps were partying it up in Miami, NYC and the Bahamas.
But I know that first comes the work....and then the play!

Rather than soaking up some sun I've been prepping for 2 fashion shows
that I'm involved in at my school next week!
So far, I've made 10 pieces but I'm shooting for 15-20 lol
I'm such an overachiever
....well, sometimes lol
And for the project I'm working on,
I decided to call it "Vanity Girl" {what a coincidence! :)}
I wanted to try my hand at something different,
and wanted to make clothes that were for that fashion savvy girl who's all about
looking fab at all times!

Since I have TONS of creating to do,
I'll leave you all with some of my inspiration for the collection!


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