March 18, 2010


Hey loves!!
I apologize for my lack of posting!
This week is finals week and I've been in grind-mode trying to
work on my last assignments for the quarter.
I'm currently slaving over this 15-paged paper for my ethnic studies class!
I'm on page 11, so I guess I'm on a roll! hahahhah
It's due by tomorrow evening so I'll be sure to hit you guys with a post as soon as I can!

My 21st birthday is this Sunday! :)
That's something worth mentioning lol
However, I still haven't come to a decision about how I want to celebrate.
I've been so busy that I have yet to go get my license renewed,
and since most of my closest friends aren't 21 yet,
I'll probably end up doing something thats underage friendly lol
Beach bash perhaps????
We shall see!!

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