September 27, 2010


Thursday was officially my first day of school being a senior.
It feels so weird to say that. lol
I can't believe three whole years of college have really passed me by!
Where has the friggin' time gone?!!?!
Though I am {partially} glad school's back in session,
I know this quarter's load of intense creative writing classes combined
with an ancient African history class will be quite the challenge,
but I'm just gunna have to suck it up, take one for the team, and duke it out.

To kick off the school year, UCR hosted its annual Block Party concert
exclusively for all new & returning students.
We were allowed to bring one guest, so my bf Kevin came along
to indulge in the festivities.
This year, The Cool Kids, J. Cole, & Estelle
were the contenders to rock the stage.
OF COURSE I was gungho about seeing The Cool Kids,
but the crowd was acting pretty lame since they were the first act.
I felt like me & Kev were the only ones who knew the words
to about every single song!
Yet by the time Mikey Rocks & Chuck Inglish spit their last song,
everyone wanted more. :)


J.Cole was up next buuuuut I'm not a fan of him. lol
The girls were going I N S A N E, and oddly enough,
so were most of the guys! hahaha
I don't think I've ever been to a live performance where the guys are that ecstatic....
maybe that's just me.

..unintentional, yet ironic and interesting..

Since it was ridiculously hot out, I was over standing amongst
crazed--and some obviously drunken--fans...
and after waiting for about an hour for Estelle to come on, I was ready to bounce.
But I knew you all would want to see all of the action,
so I sucked it up to snap a few pics of her when she finally started her performance.
For some reason I expected Estelle to be.....
well, civilized. lol
But after a few hell yeahs and a slew of f*** this and that's,
my predetermined expectations went completely out the window!
I guess I just expected her to transcend black stereotypes and be some kind of posterchild
for English women of color, but that ideal was a failure.
While she did manage to prove to me that she was not the tea & crumpets chick
that many alike myself initially perceive her to be,
Estelle definitely knows how to rock a party
& make everyone in her presence have a good time.



Olive & black floral scarf {worn as headband}:: Forever 21, Multi-chain necklace:: Forever 21, Vintage silk color block top:: Goodwill, Brown woven belt:: Hollister, Levi destroyed denim shorts:: Urban Outfitters,
Brown strappy heels:: Reflections

**Random side note** I've been debating on whether or not I want to switch
from Blogger to particular reasoning, just ready for a bit of a change.
Lemme know what your thoughts.

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