August 14, 2011


photos via fashiongonerogue

With fall being just around the corner--despite the fact that the summer heat is still rearing its ugly head--it will soon be time to trade in that teeny weeny polka dot bikini for a fuzzy fur, faux of course. California is infamous for it's nowhere near freezing whether, yet I have hope that I'll be able to rock my favorite fall gear like all of you East Coasters out there. I don't mean to wish daunting weather on So Cal, but this summer has helped me to have a deep appreciation for those dreary winter months. I'd much rather be fashionably warm from layering my clothes than to be wearing barely anything and still sweat like a druggie having withdrawals. So in between time, I'll meander around in this awkward pre-fall season, mixing in ponchos and cool knits with denim cutoffs and maxis. 

When spotting this editorial from StyleBy's summer issue--featuring the gorgeous Christine Loekkeboe, talented photographer Rickard Sund and stellar stylist Kattis Lindoff--I fell in love, as it is the epitome of merging together summer and fall in a totally effortless way.

In other news, I changed the look of the blog so I hope you guys like it! It was boring me for a while, but I finally figured out a way to freshen it up. And for those of you who have been sending me "good luck" emails in regards to the job hunt, I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I finally landed one! I guess that whole "If at first you don't succeed" saying works when you try try again more times than you can count! lol But all in all, it is a huge relief to be back to work again, and I can't thank you all enough for your support! The best has yet to come. ;)

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