April 1, 2011


After a long day of interning, I drove down this random alley in an effort to dodge the street traffic 
and discovered this great spot for a quick photo op!
Although there were a few sketchy prowlers that made their way by me as my camera was snapping away, 
I still managed to nab these awesome shots.
But once I caught a glimpse of the LAPD making their way toward me, I jumped in my car! lol
Not because I was afraid of them....but because I was afraid of hefty price of getting a ticket, 
since L.A. cops are known for being sticklers about giving ridiculously priced fines for photography.

Wearing: Straw hat:: Forever 21, Gray & white stripe top w/ back cutout:: Forever 21, 
Vintage light denim vest:: Thrifted, Black woven belt, Vintage sheer garden floral maxi dress:: Thrifted, 
Black studded wedges, Forever 21

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